Peer Review Policy

Innovation in Engineering employs an online system for both submission and review of the article. This system must be used by every proposed article and in accordance with the Peer Review Policy.

Selection of papers

The Editorial Board is committed to ensuring that the peer-review process is efficient and timely. Paper is selected based on the quality of the content, and the topic must clearly be within the focus and scope of Innovation in Engineering.

Selection of reviewers

The Editorial Board will select reviewers based on their expertise in the subject matter of the article, and they must consider any potential conflict of interest created by the reviewers in order to determine whether or not bias exists.

The research article must be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers, and if necessary, the editorial board will acquire an additional opinion, such as by adding a third reviewer, fourth reviewer, and subsequent. Editorial board adheres to the best practice guidelines provided by the Publisher to avoid selecting counterfeit peer reviewers.

Review process and transparency

The review process will observe the following factors: aim and scope, novelty, objective, method, scientific impact, conclusion, and references. The remarks of reviewers will be forwarded to the corresponding author for any required actions or feedback. The editorial board will evaluate the reviewer's comments and decide the final decision on the submission based on the reviewer’s recommendation. Further, the final decision is notified to the corresponding author.

The online submission system is used for all correspondence among the Editorial board, author, and reviewers. Innovation in Engineering also applies Turnitin to screen plagiarism.


The Editorial Board is responsible for maintaining the anonymity of all information submitted to the journal as well as all correspondence and discussion with reviewers. The editorial board will also ensure that reviewers and authors are unknown of each other identity (double-blind review method).

Disclosure and conflicts of interest

The editorial board will adhere to the Peer Review Policy on author and reviewer disclosure of conflicts of interest. The Editorial Board will provide assistance and guidance to authors and reviewers across the publishing process.